Friday, 21 December 2012

Independent Celebrant Franchise Opportunity

Ceremony UK is licensed to deliver Celebrant Training in association with the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants (UKSoC)From January 2013 the UKSoC are introducing geographically exclusive Franchise  Opportunities around the UK for Independent Celebrants who wish to have the Ongoing Celebrant Training and Marketing Support of a National Organisation.

  • Franchise Fees Range from £2500 to £5750 inclusive.

Franchisees can receive the following benefits:

  • Ongoing Celebrant Mentoring

  • Exclusive Geographic Territory

  • Branded Marketing Materials

  • Website / Online Promotion / Advertising / SEO / IM / SNM

  • Sickness Cover

  • Fellow Membership of UKSoC

  • Liability Insurance of £5,000,000

For further information please visit us at UKSoC or call on 07784 301 070 for an informal chat.

How to Choose a Celebrant? You Have A Choice

A colloquial mantra for many celebrants is "Hatch - Match - Dispatch"  which refers to Ceremonies for  Births, Marriages / Partnerships and Deaths respectively.

Most people in the UK, when considering who will perform their ceremonies for these important life events, go to their local religious minister / place of worship. These choices are usually made as a result of adhering to "tradition", in that "my family has always done it this way".

The British now live in an ever growing secular society where religion is playing an ever decreasing part in our lives. A significant majority of the UK population do not practice any religion at all. The only contact most of us has with anything religious is through secondary education and the "Hatch - Match & Dispatch" events in our lives.

In recent years many of us have been turning away from "Traditional Religious Ceremonies" and moving towards tailor made ceremonies via Independent / Civil Celebrants.

"Jumping the Broom"
Independent / Civil Celebrants work with you to design a ceremony personal and meaningful to you. You may wish to  include elements of spirituality, like a hymn or a ritual like "Jumping the Broom". You may wish to have friends / family play an active role. You may have a particular theme or venue in mind. Your ceremony is limited only by your imagination. Your Independent / Civil Celebrant will guide you and make your special day unique to you.

You DO have a choice!
  • Religious Celebrants - usually a Religious Minister and the Ceremony held in a Religious Building and conforms to religious rituals / dogma / sermons etc.
  • Independent Civil Celebrants - usually Non-religious, Ceremony can usually be held absolutely anywhere and include any elements of spirituality / ritual that you choose. A Personal, Meaningful & Bespoke Ceremony for YOU. Furthermore, Independent Civil Celebrants are normally LGBT friendly.
Wedding in the Woods!
Which would you prefer?

Now you know you have a choice, don't just go for "tradition" by default - Make the Choice!

For further information please take a look at Ceremony UK to give you an insight to your choices. If you want information about becoming a Celebrant, have a look here!