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UK Society of Celebrants Newsletter - October 2013

Welcome to the  UK Society of Celebrant Newsletter - October 2013
Well, autumn is well upon us now however, you guys are seemingly busier than ever. We are a little early this month due to lots of celebrant training commitments. Once again, we have had lots of positive feedback for our NEW Celebrant Training Courses and our Membership is continuing to grow above all expectations. This would not be possible without the dedication and professionalism shown by all our Members and Celebrant Training Team alike – Thank You!
Location, Location, Location
It may come as a surprise to some but we have now co-located to Nottingham. This has been done to coincide with the planned expansion of training locations (mentioned below) Nottingham was chosen as it is geographically central to mainland UK and is situated on the M1 corridor  thus accessible by all. You may also notice from the website that the contact number has changed to a Nottingham number:
0115 888 0 838

Don’t worry, all the usual numbers are to remain – this is just one more aimed predominantly at people New to UKSoC.
Celebrant Training
We have temporarily reinstated the Personal Tuition Celebrant Training until 31st December. The reason for this is an inexplicable surge in Personal Tuition enquiries and subsequent bookings. No new personal tuition bookings will be taken after 1st November other than those for franchise applications. Frankly, our tutors have their hands full with the distance learning course tutoring and the traditional courses which, are fully booked through to the New Year.
Remember, our Traditional Group Training Courses from January 2014 will not only be held in Lincoln but also held in Birmingham, Bolton, Brighton, Bristol, Dagenham, Nottingham & York on an ad hoc basis. This is being done to reduce the necessity of Trainee Celebrants traveling such long distances to attend courses.  Your comments regarding the provision of Celebrant Training are always welcome.
Celebrant Tales
Many thanks for all the entries to our “Celebrant Tale” competition.  This months winner is Michael Clancy from East-Anglia and he will soon receive his £25 Amazon Voucher. Thanks Michael!
Michael's winning submission will be published on our new blog on 21st Cctober. I was kind of hoping that you would all follow to the blog, make comments and perhaps post submissions yourselves – he said in a hopeful tone. The new blog address is and is now live.
Anyone wishing to submit their “Celebrant Tale” for next month must do so by or on 15th November 2013. A £25 Amazon Voucher will be awarded to the winning Celebrant.
What follows may sound a little familiar but is nevertheless valid.
Developments - Help Us to Help You to Help Yourself
Here at UKSoC we go to considerable lengths, as many of you know, to achieve and maintain a credible on-line presence. This practice is not only for the benefit of UKSoC but also its Members, by helping them become more visible and accessible on-line. So, help us to help you to help yourself. Just "10" minutes, every week at your computer clicking buttons (see below) on your mouse can give us all an edge on our competition.
Member Resources - this has finally gone live - UKSoC Members should by now have received their usernames, passwords and access details (go to UKSoC and click LOGIN ) This resource will continually be updated. Should you wish to add to this resource, you can do so my mailing All entries will be credited to the contributor with links to their UKSoC Profiles, personal websites, blogs & social media as required. Help Us to Help You to Help Yourself.
UKSoC Tutors all met this week to select the top five ceremonies from each type of ceremony from Celebrant Trainees during the last 12 months. It proved to be quite a task – remember James & Jollanta, James & Jason, Nathan, Charlotte, Patrick et al? Tutors were not allowed to vote for their own students either (although they put scripts forward).
Each of the Top 5 Ceremonies are to be placed in the Member Resources section of the website (during November)
The (Now) Celebrants whose scripts have been selected have been informed. A big thank you to them. The quality of ceremonies overall was excellent, however, the ceremonies selected were truly exceptional. Not forgetting the Tutors, I think they can take a “pinch” of the credit too.
Our most recent qualifying Family Celebrant deserves to be singled out for a special mention as she only qualified last week (at the time of writing) and she had two ceremonies voted into the top 5 in just one category. Remarkable and well done to Wendy Martin from the York & Humber region. Wendy is going to be a busy lady!
Celebrant Blogs - by visiting UKSoC and clicking "Blog" (top right) you can access all UKSoC blogs. Click on them and follow if they are of interest to you. We follow all our members blogs and re-post, tweet, like & g+ for improved exposure. Help Us to Help You to Help Yourself.
Twitter - Some of you may have noticed that we have a new daily e-publication called "Celebrant Tales" which is released through our twitter account @UKSoC. Please take a look and subscribe if it is of interest to you and follow us & retweet on twitter if you have not already done so. Help Us to Help You to Help Yourself.
Facebook - Don't forget to like our fan page on Facebook too. Help Us to Help You to Help Yourself. In fairness I think all of us have liked the page now and we are steadily increasing our reach to new people.
Profile Pages - All UKSoC Members have a profile page. Some of you have your own websites. Those with / without a website can now have a THREE page site within UKSoC's site for FREE. Just talk with your Mentor, send us your editorial content & requirements & consider it done. Help Us to Help You to Help Yourself.
Having acted upon suggestions received, the UKSoC website has had somewhat of an overhaul. Thanks for everyone’s contributions. I eagerly await your feedback. Still lots more to do which, will be announced as it occurs.
Thanks for reading this far. That’s it for this month.
Until Next Time
Be Well.
James Convery

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