Monday, 2 December 2013

A Secular View - Same Sex Marriage in the UK

In recent times the UK Government legislated for Civil Partnerships between members of our LGBT community - better late than never!
Shortly after this tumultuous event, certain militants among the LGBT community started banging the "same sex marriage drum". Their argument was / is fundamentally  semantic / theistic in nature, in that, they basically wanted all religions to be compelled to perform same sex marriages. Can anyone point out to me , why any rational self-respecting member of the LGBT community would 1) want to be associated with any religion? &/or 2) be associated with any homophobic religion? Surely, the fact that ALL of us can take advantage of Civil Partnerships negates the need for a religions influence on our sexual relationships?
As a secular atheist, I believe that religion and the state should be completely separate and that theists should be left to continue with their questionable ways. As an Independent Secular Celebrant that has performed many Wedding / Partnership Ceremonies, I regularly witness bespoke, personal & meaningful unions (same sex or otherwise) without recourse to using dilapidated places of worship or equally defunct dogma.
This government had a golden opportunity to resolve this issue, once and for all. So, what did our government do? They announced that legislation was to be drafted "to permit any religion to perform same sex marriages (excellent - one step forward)... with the exception of the Church of England and Church of Wales, where it will remain illegal (two-steps back)". What a bunch of spineless buffoons! In the week that 2011 Census data was released confirming the UK's unstoppable shift towards becoming a secular nation - the government score a spectacular own goal - by confirming the influence (over government) of an apparently state sponsored church known for its misogynistic, homophobic, backward and deviant hierarchy.
The British Political classes have reached a new modern day low - seemingly bereft of any integrity, resolve and the cahoonas to challenge the Church of England. There is however, one big positive to this embarrassing episode - it will accelerate the demise of the Anglican Communion and its religious malignancy around the world.
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