Monday, 17 February 2014

UK Society of Celebrants Newsletter - February 2014

By way of introduction for those who don’t know me,  I am Jade Gracie (Civil Celebrant & Tutor) from  the Rainy City – Manchester. I guess many of you have had your fill of rain too over the last two months?

Many of you will know our co-founder Phil Hammond. Phil will be away for a while due to an unexpected health scare and I hope you will join me is wishing him a speedy recovery. All Trainee / Member Celebrants affected have been contacted by their contingency Tutors / Mentors and remain on track to complete their courses as planned and have their Mentor support continue.

New Members
We are delighted to announce that January 2014 has been our busiest month to date even before “The Funeral” on Coronation Street was broadcast. Since then the phones have not stopped ringing. It looks like Celebrancy is finally becoming mainstream, making this a particularly exciting time for Civil Celebrants and more importantly our future clients. If you are still contemplating becoming a Civil Celebrant and you think you have what it takes, you would be wise to get on board soon.

Group Training
Last month we implemented changes to our Group Training Courses in response to feedback received from all of our Group Training Candidates over the previous 12 months (see January Newsletter).

The effects of these changes were met with instant approval from all our candidates. After an initial adjustment period, our Tutors have also embraced the changes. As a result we have decided to limit the number of people attending Group Training Courses to three.

No other celebrant training provider can match our student / tutor ratios, our training facilities , our course fees, our tutors or our undoubted value for money.
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Internet Marketing
We once again encourage all our Members who currently do not have their own website to talk to their Mentors. We will build, integrate social media / blog and optimise your sites ( for PC & Mobile) for FREE – All we ask is that you purchase your domain name and hosting package through us at a current cost of £10.80 for the first year (£26 pa thereafter). Also remember that you will maintain instant 100% editorial /layout control of your site and you will be shown how to do it. This may sound scary but is far simpler than it may appear.
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FREE Phone Numbers
We have now had a Free Phone number at UKSOC for over 2 months. The resulting number of calls to that number is at least 5 times more than our landline number produced. Now that Mobiles can access 0800 numbers for Free too, it may well be worth your while trying such a number yourself. For the monthly cost of a couple of coffees at “CostaBucks”, what have you got to lose? For more information contact you Mentor.
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Celebrant Tale Competition
The Winning Entry to our recent Celebrant Tale Competition will be published by way of a separate Blog Post later this month. The winner - Colin Trelawny has now started his Diploma Course and has continued to be just as creative. I know, because I am his Tutor. (Daniel’s Funeral Ceremony was something to behold – Remember Daniel & his Mankini?)
New Premises
Just a few weeks in and we have settled at our New Training Facilities & Offices at the Terrace in Lincoln. Our Training & Admin staff love it as do our Trainee Celebrants. Our very own onsite Coffee Shop / Bistro “CafĂ© Portico” should be experiencing a significant upturn in turnover.
The Terrace , Lincoln

Celebrant Workshops
You may be aware that we have developed and written a series of Workshops for Celebrants. Our intention has always been to provide as many workshops as possible for free. Workshops to be held in Lincoln will always be free and refreshments will be provided. However, Workshops held outside of Lincoln may necessitate a small charge being made £5-20 depending on the venue and expected attendance.

As a result of the above, we need feedback from our Celebrant Members regarding their likelihood of attending such events either local to them or in Lincoln. Comments welcomehere.
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That’s it for this month . Take Care of Yourseves!
Jade Gracie
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