Sunday, 30 March 2014

UK Society of Celebrants Newsletter - March 2014

Thankfully, we now seem to be over the worst of the recent bad weather and we hope that those of you affected are coming to terms with the damage and moving on.

Our transistion in to our new training facilities in Lincoln appears to have been met with all round approval form our Trainers / Tutors and our recent cohorts of Trainee Celebrants. The Cafe Portico has also had a positive upturn in clientele - thanks to you all we now feel settled in our new home.
Hugs are good for you!

New Members
The January celebrant training enrolment madness now seems to have passed and we are concentratiing on dealing with the continual stream of enquiries and enrolments.  If you are still contemplating becoming a Civil Celebrant and you think you have what it takes, you would be wise to get on board soon. Just give us a call FREE on 0800 772 0762 or visit us here.

Group Training
We are now 7 weeks in to our newly formatted Group Training Courses. Candidates from these courses now have no issues with the amount of individual Tutor contact time. Quality of training is our emphasis not quantity. Although these courses are just as intense as the previous versions, the interaction with tutors and group members is now a more positive experience. Furthermore, as all our Group & Personal Training courses are held weekly, we anticipate that new celebrants will have a wider choisce of course dates.
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Internet Marketing
We once again encourage all our Members who currently do not have their own website to talk to their Mentors. We will build, integrate social media / blog and optimise your sites ( for PC & Mobile) for FREE – All we ask is that you purchase your domain name and hosting package through us at a current cost of £10.80 for the first year (£26 pa thereafter). Also remember that you will maintain instant 100% editorial /layout control of your site and you will be shown how to do it. This may sound scary but is far simpler than it may appear.
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The Civil Celebrant Blog
We are running a variety of educational articles regarding celebrancy on our blog. To receive these articles direct to your inbox  please subscribe to the blog here just click on the email / rss links on the right hand side of the page.

FREE Phone Numbers
We have now had a Free Phone number at UKSOC for over 3 months. The resulting number of calls to that number is at least 5 times more than our landline number produced. Now that Mobiles can access 0800 numbers for Free too, it may well be worth your while trying such a number yourself. For the monthly cost of a couple of coffees at “CostaBucks”, what have you got to lose? For more information contact you Mentor.
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Celebrant Workshops
You may be aware that we have developed and written a series of Workshops for Celebrants. Our intention has always been to provide as many workshops as possible for free. Workshops to be held in Lincoln will always be free and refreshments will be provided. However, Workshops held outside of Lincoln may necessitate a small charge being made £5-20 depending on the venue and expected attendance.
Pretty Please -  we still need feedback from our Celebrant Members regarding their likelihood of attending such events either local to them or in Lincoln. Comments welcome here.
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Have Your Say
As we  are already Nationally Affilliated to the National Secular Society we are looking towards broadening our appeal with similar affiliations to each of the following : A National Forces Charity; A National Cancer Charity & A National Funeral Care Provider. We are speaking with these concerns right now  and we are interested in you having your say on these plans before we formalise arrangements - afterall it is your society too. Have Your Say  here.
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Any Questions?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 772 0762 or drop us a linehere.
That’s all for this month .Take Care & Be Well!
James Convery
Lead Tutor - CEO