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UK Society of Celebrants Newsletter | Jan / Feb 2015

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2015.

2014 was our best year to date in terms of Celebrants Trained and Members Gained. Our current goal of being both the largest Celebrant Training provider and Celebrant Professional Body in the UK is just a few months away. Furthermore, we are setting standards throughout the English speaking world as just over 12% of all our Distance Learning Courses are now being taken by delegates around the world (9 EU States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa & Hong Kong)

Thanks to you all for Helping Us to Help You!


Deluxe Celebrant Kit
Please be sure to visit your UKSOC Shop with its ever growing range of exclusive Celebrant related goodies. The Celebrant Kits in particular seem to be very popular.

We were a little disappointed to see that a majority of those of you who were pushing the most for a Members Shop have yet to visit! 

Use it or lose it! Help Us to Help You!

Profile Pages

Those of you who have profile pages with us should be considering reviewing your "copy" & "photos" in order to keep your pages fresh. 

Any new photo's or copy should be sent to your Mentor and the changes will be implemented within 2 working days.

Social Media

We are delighted that so many of you have taken to engaging through social media and reaping the benefits. However, we are aware that many of you are less active. Should any of you decide that you need a refresher regarding the use of social media, just contact your Mentor and arrange a "revision session". 

Alternatively, have a look at our numerous blogs on Social Media. Be sure to subscribe to our blog, so you get relevant articles sent direct to your inbox. Help Us to Help You!

Annual Awards

On a lighter note our Tutor Team have been voting for our two annual awards for "Ceremony of the Year" & "Celebrant of the Year"

Ceremony of the Year is awarded for what we judge to be the best Ceremony written by a Trainee Celebrant. Each Tutor had to pick the Top Five Ceremonies for each set piece ceremony on our courses. So, our 8 Tutors selected a total of 280 ceremonies for consideration.

Over a period of weeks, these ceremonies were whittled down to the top 10. We then held a voting day, where each ceremony was delivered by the respective Tutors to those assembled.

Unusually, we had a unanimous decision - the winner in fact has 2 entries in the Top 10, made even more remarkable by the fact that they were both funerals.

Steph Carter
The Winner is Steph Carter of Amaranth Celebrants from Derbyshire for her "Charlotte Ceremony - Charlies World" The script readthrough alone took us on a rollercoaster ride, laughter, elation, sorrow, tears but most importantly inspiration. Storytelling at its best!

When the Ceremony was delivered by Steph's Tutor, everyone was agog. Steph will be in particularly high demand, of which we are sure. Well Done Steph - Ceremony of the Year 2014.

Steph will be presented with her Award later this month.

Celebrant of the Year is our Blue Ribband Award and presented to the Celebrant who we consider has done the most to further the standing of Celebrancy here in the UK.

This was a hotly contested Award between three very different yet talented civil celebrants - we are most fortunate to have them on board :

Lisa Humphrys

Lisa is a Family & Funeral Civil Celebrant based in Kent and of Antipodean origin. A creative, imaginative, colourful and inspiring writer with an eye for detail. Amiable, approachable and understanding with a thoroughly professional and authentic approach to all that she does.

Maria Turley

Maria is a Family & Funeral Civil Celebrant based in "The Black Country". With a penchant for bespoke poetry and a demon with Social Media, Maria can be relied upon to get a job done with passion,sincerity and great skill. If only everyone was as well organised as Maria!

Ellie Farrell

Ellie is a Family & Funeral Civil Celebrant based in Birmingham.With seemingly boundless creative skills 
and drive Ellie has become the "go to girl" for all Alternative Ceremonies and is in demand at home and abroad. As the resident celebrant as several historic venues in the West Midlands she has featured heavily at Wedding Fairs and in the Alternative Press & Social Media.

Alas there can only be one winner and that is Ellie Farrell. Ellie has been relentless in educating and informing the general public as well as her niche, in the benefits and choices that celebrancy brings to the public. Long may it continue. Well Done Ellie - Celebrant of the Year 2014

Ellie will be presented with her Award later this month.

Honorary Membership Awards

We have selected two individuals for our  Honorary Membership this year - both of whom have had a significant impact on furthering the "Celebrant Cause" so to speak. We will announce their names in the next Newsletter.

The Celebrant Guru Award 2014

Since the UK Society of Celebrants started offering Funeral Celebrancy Training, the foundation stone of the whole course has been "The Good Funeral Guide" which without exception has been well received by our Members for its no-nonsense, eyes-wide-open, informative and oftentimes irreverent look at the funeral industry as well as the growing trend of DIY funerals. This book offers the readers genuine choices.

With the above in mind, many of us at the UK Society of Celebrants have come to view the books author - one Charles Cowling as a "Guru" for our Funeral Celebrant Members as well as the Funeral Industry itself.

Charles Cowling

We decided that Charles should be publicly recognised for his contribution to our industry and offer our "thanks" for the same.

Having contacted Charles, he naturally rebuffed any notion of anything affecting his independence - so, we devised this award with him in mind - his independence and integrity remain in tact.

Charles will be presented with his Celebrant Gura Award before next months Newsletter.

Be sure to follow Charles' blog here.

Well thats it for this month folks. Thanks for reading this far.
Be Well & Be Safe

James Convery
CEO & Lead Tutor