Sunday, 31 May 2015

Funeral Celebrant | Dead & Buried Exhibition

Even in the 21st Century Death is often seen as a taboo subject particularly with younger members of our society. This video concentrates on the views of young artists and the emergence of natural burials here in the UK.


Dead and Buried is an innovative research project that engaged a group of young people with the opportunity to work alongside Dr Hannah Rumble, from Bath University’s Centre for Death and Society and Charlotte Chapman, a facilitator from Kumiko Community Arts, to engage in a participatory arts project exploring death and natural burial. The project ran for 7 weeks, meeting one afternoon a week, at The Park local opportunity centre in Knowle West, Bristol. The participants ranged in age from 17 to 25 and all came from very different backgrounds.

Through a series of structured workshops that provoked questioning and exploration around death and burial, the young people were encouraged to think critically, to explore these themes and develop a "creative response".
The result was a very successful week long exhibition at Centrespace Gallery in Bristol in April 2013.

Take this opportunity to learn a little about natural burials and see why more and more people and the bereaved are choosing to have their / their loved ones remains disposed of in this way.

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