Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Funeral Celebrant | Stillbirth and Neonatal Death

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month hence this post.

 A Definition:

Stillbirth refers to the death of a baby after 24 weeks of pregnancy but before birth. A miscarriage is the loss of a baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy. The medical profession describes stillbirth as either 'intra-uterine' or 'intra-partum'. An intra-uterine stillbirth means that the baby has died in the womb.Having received a number of enquiries from our Funeral Celebrant Members about how to handle Stillbirth and Neonatal Deaths with regards to interviewing the bereaved and delivering the ceremony - our experienced Mentors were fortunately able to assist. However, we felt it necessary to signpost resources for our members, with a view to educating them and others.

This link will hopefully go some way to aiding the understanding of such a difficult subject matter.

Ideal Death Show 2015 | Winchester

So the autumn is here and time for the Ideal Death Show. This year we were out in force - not only did we have a large stand but we were fortunate to have many of our members put in a welcome appearance too.

Julia Hill & Angus Edmonds at Our stand.
A few thank you's need to be made to a number of our members particularly Julia Hill, master baker, who at times appeared to turn our stand into a cake shop with her wonderful creations. Next a big thanks to Ellie Farrell, Gilly Lockhart and Rob Farrell for their contribution to the logistics of the weekend.

Finally a big thanks to our members, in no particular order for coming along from far and wide to support the cause:- Kevin Gould, Lisa Bradley, Sue Wood (The Three Amigos), Jane Arnold, Lee Axford, Cindy Groves, Will Chambers and Angus Edmonds.

Many of you will know that our very own Ellie Farrell was nominated for the Funeral Celebrant of the Year at the Ideal Death Show - well done Ellie. However, to the consternation of many at the Gala Dinner a  Lady Reverend won - congratulations to her - but arguably Clergy should decide whether they want to be Clergy or Civil Celebrants as the two do not necessarily fit comfortably together as religious doctrine is not necessarily conducive to life centred ceremonies.

The Ideal Death Show itself was well attended and our stand was none stop all day. Lots of interest being shown for what we do and subsequently 19 people who visited the show have now enrolled on our courses.

We also ran a Free Draw for a Course of Your Choice and the lucky winner was Colin Onicca from Stafford, who will soon be commencing with his Diploma in Family & Funeral Celebrancy - Congratulations Colin and welcome aboard.

Fran, Carrie & Ian Lavendar
Congratulations also to our friends Carrie & Fran at A Natural Undertaking who won the Green Funeral Director of the Year Award - well done Ladies. Furthermore, congratulations to all the other winners on the night.

We look forward to receiving nominations for our members yet again next year - who knows - maybe the winner!