Thursday, 31 December 2015

UK Society of Celebrants Newsletter | December 2015

Hi & Seasonal Greetings to you.

We hope you are keeping well and have enjoyed whichever "Winterval" activities that apply to you.

We would like to thank you for the part you have played in contributing to our best year to date. Our members are establishing their presence all over the English speaking world and educating the public about what we do.

There are many towns and cities in the UK where our members are the first port of call for discerning clients and funeral directors alike and we anticipate demand for your skills to increase rapidly during 2016 as the public progressively become more aware of the quality of your work.

There are several announcements in this newsletter so here goes.

UK Society of Celebrants | Celebrant Awards 2015
After a mammoth two days of deliberations our Tutor \ Mentor Team have selected the winners of our Annual Celebrant Awards. We considered over 300 nominations over all the categories below. We have included the shortlist for each category.

Competition was tougher than ever this year and we have also added some new categories to our Award List.

Celebrant Guru Award 2015

Celebrant of the Year 2015

Funeral Ceremony of the Year 2015

Family Ceremony of the Year 2015

Celebrant Marketing / Social Media & 
Awareness Award 2015

Shortlist nominee citations and the winners list will be published on 14 Jan 2016 after all the winners have been informed. We will also make further announcements regarding Fellowship & Honorary Members.

Celebrant Training
Our Distance Learning Courses continue to account for over 80% of ALL training delivered and there seems to have been a shift in the provision of our classroom training. More people have been trained in the classroom via Personal Tuition as opposed Group Training in the last 3 quarters.

All our classroom training courses will continue to be held every Monday (Tuesdays after Bank Holiday Mondays) at our Lincoln offices.

Course Fees
We have reviewed our Course Fee Structure and many fees will be increasing with effect from 01/01/2016. All courses booked and paid for before 01/01/2016 will secure this years rates as long as the course booked commences before June 2016.

All Course Registrations received in 2015 that have not been paid for can still secure 2015 prices if payments are made by or on 15 Jan 2016. Just give us a call on 0800 772 0762 leave us your name and we will send the appropriate invoice to you.

Membership Fees
Just to remind you, we have received a number of enquiries from our members asking about a monthly subscription for their Membership Fees. As ever we try to do what our members want and this is what we have come up with.

Membership Fees as you may already know are Fixed until at least 2020 at £95 per annum for Full Membership. At present fees are payable in one lump sum. From April 2016 Fees can still be paid the same way but with a choice of paying £95 in one lump sum or via monthly installments of £9. All payments will be through paypal as normal and instructions will be given nearer the time.

Obviously, the monthly payment options works out to be a little more expensive overall, however, the additional cost merely covers the increased administration costs and PayPal charges.

Whilst we make the transition to the new system there will be a Membership Fee Holiday for ALL Members whose annual fees are due by or on 31 March 2016.

Social Media
We continue to be delighted that so many of you are engaging with your public through social media - many of you have a significant following across many platforms. Particular thanks goes to Maria Turley who has started a Private Facebook Group for Our Members who would like to discus ANY celebrant related issue and promote their practice - this group has been well received and has grown quickly in a short period of time.

If you wish to benefit through social media engagement click here to get started and don't forget to follow us too (lots of good stuff), using the links above, as all properly formed posts will be shared by us reaching hundreds of thousands of potential clients.

NB: Please subscribe to our blog here.

Remember, Members can connect with their Mentor for Free instruction on the use of Social Media.

Member Profile Pages
Those of you who have a UKSOC profile page are encouraged to review your pages and refresh your copy and photographs as well as checking your links - it is the New year afterall. Any issues can be resolved quickly (24-48hrs) by sending copy, photos and link information to your Mentor.

Please do not forget that if we can be of any assistance to you at all, please call us for FREE on 0800 772 0762 or drop us a line here.

Thanks for taking the time to read today. 
A Happy New Year to You & Yours. Stay Safe & Be Well

James Convery
Lead Tutor - CEO